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Personal Training Result Rob:Got In The Best Shape of His Life


Rob Symes-beforeRob Symes-after

Rob – “The things I have learnt from Ben will serve me well for the rest of my life.”

Name: Rob Symes
Location: Caringbah

What were your fears when you started working with FP?
My biggest fear was not being able to keep up with the others in the group, or the demands of the trainer. But once I saw the relaxed and friendly atmosphere Ben creates within the group I quickly began to enjoy and look forward to my training sessions with Ben.
Why did you continue on with FP after the challenge?
I continued with the program because it was fun, I met a lot of new and interesting people and I could most definitely see awesome results from all the hard work I was putting in.
What specific results have you achieved?
Since joining FP I’ve improved all facets of my personal fitness; strength and power throughout the whole body, a large increase in cardiovascular fitness as well as improvements in flexibility and balance. I have also learnt a lot about nutrition that not only is amazing for the body but also tastes delicious! The things I have learnt from Ben will serve me well for the rest of my life.
Who would you recommend to us and why?
FP is for people of all fitness levels across all ages. The fun and relaxed approach to improving health and well being Ben takes will see anyone who is willing to push themselves achieve fitness goals they have never been able to before. Best thing I’ve ever done!!

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