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Personal Training Result Hayley:A New Lease On Life



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Name: Hayley Everitt

Age: 30
Location: Menai

Why did you decide to do personal training?

I was so super unhealthy and very overweight. I had that moment in life where I realised it was time to do something about it and genuinely make the effort to change things for the better.

Why did you decide to go with Ben?
I decided to train with Ben because at the time I was struggling to find a trainer who return my calls. Then Ben approached me at the gym and we immediately sat down and began to discuss what I was after and he began to come up with a plan that was tailored to me and what I needed to achieve weight loss and long term results. I also appreciated that he was understanding of my situation and circumstance, and was patient with me from the beginning.

How was it working with Ben?
I liked working with Ben because he explained everything we were doing and why we were doing it. He wasn’t judgemental or annoyingly loud like so many other PTs. He was very aware of me and where I was at with health and fitness and he was great with positive reinforcement.

Also to begin with I was so used to the idea of fads and commercial diets (quick fixes) that I struggled to get my head around the science of measuring and logging foods and doing weight training for weight loss.Most people (including me) thought weight training was for the purposing of body building, but eventually realised that weights were so much better for weight loss.

Have you changed your perception of what girls are capable of?
Yes of course. I always knew girls had it in them to be awesome! But its really cool when you don’t think you can do something, and you prove yourself wrong. Achieving goals in weight training for me, was awesome. Really surprising and really fulfilling.

So what does it mean to you to be an Alpha Chick?
It’s changed my attitude about many things in life really. Its made me realise how you can achieve anything if you work hard and stick with it.

What changes have you noticed since you started training?
Well obviously I’ve experienced major physical changes, not only have I lost weight but the shape of my body has different. I have a long way to go but I feel good and I have more confidence in my body. I’m definitely musclier! And that’s a really new experience for me.
Obviously the other noticeable change since I began training is the mental change. Its helped me to feel better, more alert and happier. I’m also really excited about reaching my long term goal in the future and knowing that all of it took hard work, but it was always so worth it.

What was the problem/issue that made you start training?
I was very over weight and I had just come out of a long term relationship and wasn’t feeling very good about myself. I needed a change of life style and attitude and I needed to change how I felt about myself, and not drag any insecurities or doubts about myself into a new relationship.

What was life like with this issue?
I was constantly down and suffering from depression. It was a long term issue that hadn’t really changed. But thankfully I had that moment in life where you realise, it’s time to fix the problem.

What has life been like since you lost weight?
I must say, I haven’t lost all of it yet! I had a lot to lose in the beginning and I’m still going! But so far I have lost 26 kilos and life is fantastic.
With the combination of gaining strength from weight training, feeling like I have more energy through regular exercise and healthy eating and being able to buy new and fancier clothes (!), I am a completely different person. I have more confidence in myself. I have more confidence socially and when applying for new jobs. But most of all I am in a better place mentally. I am so much happier and positive. Life is great.

“It’s changed my attitude about many things in life really. Its made me realize how you can achieve anything if you work hard and stick with it.”

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