Essential Lifestyle Habits: 5 That You Can Start Today

Essential Lifestyle Habits – Why? Why are essential lifestyle habits so important? Habits are are important because they become the cornerstone of our routines. Lifestyle is anything that relates to how you live your day to day life. Outside of exercise and nutrition. Lifestyle habits combined then becomes the everyday habits that you complete to […]

One Habit At A Time

Making a habit stick can be tough. Everything in our life is a series of habits and routines and working towards where you want to be with your weight loss, energy or looking good in your new bikini is about making changes to our habits and routines. Personal training is all about discovering where you […]

Habit Change: Are You Ready For It?

I get to see a lot of people as a Personal Trainer who come to me who are looking to  habit change. Now I want you to ask yourself “How ready am I for  habit change?”. We will have a look in this blog at what the best questions to ask yourself when you want […]