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Strength and Conditioning training is commonly though of as just the domain for athletes and at FP we believe that anyone should look at their training as strength and conditioning. Strength is your ability to complete tasks from being able to open a jar, carry two of your kids in each arm or be able to pump out a set of push-ups. Conditioning is being able to get up a flight of stairs and not feel gassed, chase after your kids at the park or complete a conditioning circuit at full pelt.


While most people will just focus on their weight training we think that the best approach covers:

  • Strength Training (Strength, Power and Hypertrophy)
  • Conditioning
  • Mobility
  • Recovery Methods

When a client first starts at FP our strength and conditioning coaching will focus on making sure we cover:

  1. Goals – We want to make sure that the training we design for you fits your personal goals.
  2. Training History – How you have previously trained and how long ago are huge factors in where we start you.
  3. Injury History – By understanding your body and previous history we can make sure that we keep you healthy with no injuries.
  4. Assessment – We gather a great snap shot of how your body is functioning and improvements we can make to how you move right off the bat.

We are able to achieve this in a Personal Training setting in a semi-private format. I have always loved this format of 1 trainer and up to 4 clients as it encourages a healthy sense of trying your best, closer community ties and accountability to turn-up each week. Within in your weight training session you can be rest assured that you are:

  • Following your own program.
  • Completely coached through your movements.
  • Given structure and coaching to allow you to stay injury free.
  • Have time to check in and chat about any nutrition and lifestyle education or habits we are focusing on.
At FP we also cater our strength and conditioning for grappling athletes as well. Currently I am head of strength and conditioning at Grappling Education who head coach is a 2019 ADCC competitor Keller Locke-Sodhi.
In closing by taking a strength and conditioning style approach to your training you will get better results, less injuries and become the fittest , strongest and most resilient version of yourself.

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