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A important part of working with FP is our approach to your nutrition coaching which is to make sure that this approach is tailored towards you. This is because many things go into your current approach to your own nutrition. Such as past experiences, likes and dislikes, goals and also what suits your body as an individual.


Your nutrition can really make or break the progress you have towards your goals that is why you need to have the most professional nutrition coaching in Sutherland. As your Personal Trainer It is an important part of my continuing education to keep up with best practices around nutrition and the most effective and healthy ways for you to achieve your goals. To achieve this I keep current with my Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification and am currently completing my Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science.

While it is important to have the science behind achieving the best result for your health, performance and body composition with nutrition. To give the best nutrition coaching advice the practice is just as important. At FP we have guided many people with their nutrition from wanting to make big weight loss goals, getting ready for a major Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition and also achieving great results to just get in the best shape of their lives. For your own journey we always make sure to discover what your goals are and where you currently sit. This way a more effective plan can be made to get you from point A to point B.

Commonly our clients will come to FP looking direction with fat loss coaching or developing a nutrition approach that can support their long-term health. I personally feel that to create the best fat loss it is important to be as healthy as possible before you start the process.

Initially to create a much healthier client I focus on:

  • Water Intake-2-3 Litres per day: If you are dehydrated this can lead to fatigue, hunger and lack of performance when training
  • Fruit and Vegetables-Men: 25+ grams of fibre Women: 20+ grams of fibre: Eat your fruit and veges and good thing can happen around digestion and energy
  • Optimal Protein Intake-a serving of protein at each meal: the benefits of a protein intake that covers healthy outcomes is of great benefit for your long-term health

Once I have coached you in achieving these healthy habits we can focus on helping you achieve some great fat loss results. The next areas that we focus on are:

  • 10,000+ steps per day-Your daily activity can have a huge impact on your ability to create an adequate calorie deficit*
  • Portion Control-understanding how to weigh and portion your food allows people to go from getting ok results to great results with their fat loss
  • Slow and Steady reduction in calories-there are many methods to help you create a plan that allows you to create enough of a deficity to lose fat. I am here as your coach to help you with this

*a calorie deficit is what allows you to lose fat

Our nutrition coaching is structured in a way to help people to stop people going through a perpetual cycle of starting and stopping diets, losing a tonne of weight and putting it back on or putting in a lot of effort into their nutrition and not achieving the results they want. We are here to get you the results you want, learn lifelong habits and be the healthiest and fittest person you can be.

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