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Women Just Starting Strength Training: Top 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

Firstly women just starting strength training often ask ask themselves many questions.

Therefore the questions you ask yourself when you train should build your confidence and allow you to keep making progress with strength training. The questions you ask yourself can act as little checkpoints along the way that keep you on track.

As a result we are going to look at 3 top questions to ask yourself when just starting strength training.

Women Just Starting Strength Training – 3 Top Questions

1.Mind Muscle Connection – “Which muscle should I feel this in?”

Depending on your goal will dictate the level of “feel” you should get out of a muscle.

If I am looking to build strength and am completing a big movement such as a squat there will be a “squeeze” and “tightening” of your glutes and core respectively. When dealing with more muscle building working in isolation (by the way, you can’t isolate muscles, other muscles are still working) such as a leg extension when completing the movement you are actually looking to “squeeze” (contract) the muscle against the weight.

2.Technique is King – “Am I Doing This Exercise Correctly?”

This is a major one as a lot of women’s first exposure to an exercise is being shown by a friend or well-meaning personal trainer.

There is a small problem though and that is, by and large, most people’s form is shit. While nobody’s form is perfect when they first start perfecting form with an exercise is an ongoing journey and this needs constant attention. Aspects that go into form are the goal of the exercise and how the body should be aligned to best perform the movement.

3.Progressive Overload – “Am I Progressing In Strength Over Time?”

This is a major one that people always seem to miss.

Improvement is not always based on being able to do more as there are many other aspects. The efficiency of movement is a big one – does it feel clunky or is there even pain with a movement? If you are trying to build muscle or tone in an area is it actually being achieved?

Taking the push up as an example, I think that most women should be able to complete five proper chest to the floor pushups. If you can do 30 on your knees and not 1 on your toes then there needs to be an evaluation on how you are completing the exercise.

In Closing

Consequently if you can keep these questions in your head when you are completing an exercise you will remain injury free and see progress in your strength training journey. When dealing with my own clients the one thing I repeat is “technique is king” and when you hit the gym floor it should be your mantra too.

It is the action takers that will move forward and progress to having the body they deserve and want.

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