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For ladies I train, I have seen a massive shift in perspective on what weight training is to them. When I started as a personal trainer in 2006 strength training for a lot of women was seen as the ability to complete a pump class or complete their arm routine with 1kg weights. This really endurance based strength training activities fed into a real fear for some women that weight training will make them bulky or take away from their femininity.

Fast forward to 2016 and and with the information age, women have embraced weight training with a real gusto, however for a lot of women I see this the pendulum has swung the other way. To a more strength training based on an idea of being utterly smashed and looking to complete the highest workload in the shortest amount of time.

Women have embraced all aspects of exercise and are finally lifting some weight which is challenging them.However this may have missed some of the main concepts which should dictate how you should go about your strength training.

The concepts are to:

  1. Stay injury-free
  2. Have indicators of strength which improve eg pushup,chinups or dead lifts
  3. A technical proficiency in the exercises that you complete.

These are the main tenants that should drive a women’s journey of strength. I say journey because every type of training has its place, because we are all individuals there should never be absolutes for everyone. With my clients I pursue these concepts which will build the best base for their strength development and allow them to feel like all their hard work shows in the results they achieve.

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