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Personal Training Result Nicole: From Feeling Her Worst To Her Best

Personal Training Result Nicole

” I am able to wear tight dresses and feel comfortable as training has tightened up all those areas that girls want toned.”


Why did you decide to do personal training?

I decided to start personal training because I had been a member at the gym for about 3 years who went to classes 4-5 times a week. I had no idea what to do in the weights section and it looked extremely intimidating.  Also I  thought that girls shouldn’t lift weights because they would get too muscly.

I didn’t feel as though my workouts were reflecting how hard I was working and how often I went to the gym so I needed to change something.

Why did you decide to go with Ben?

I decided to go with Ben because I liked his attitude and I had met Ben outside the gym so I knew he was a nice guy who was passionate about his job. Ben also never looked bored when training clients and I never saw him on his phone during a session like I had seen many other trainers do. I also noticed that Ben was a promoter of great technique and always made sure clients were not just going through the motions.

How was it working with Ben?

Working with Ben means I always look forward to my sessions. They are a lot of fun but always challenging and sweaty. There has been a complete overhaul in the way Ben trains people as the whole time I have trained with him (2 ½ years) he has been attending courses, seminars, and keeping up to date with current research so his knowledge is forever developing. Ben has continually pushed me to train harder and to try new things that I never thought I would be able to do.

Have you changed your perception of what girls are capable of?

My perception of what girls can do has changed completely. I used to believe that girls should not lift weights as it would make them too muscly. I have never been so wrong in my life! Weight training is now classified as one of my hobbies as I enjoy it so much I look forward to my 6:30am gym sessions 3 times a week. Honestly I never believed that I would be lifting heavy things because I thought cardio was the answer and I was wrong!

Now I can lift and I can be proud of it. I now happily walk into the weights section of a gym and stand next to the ripped guy bicep curling and believe that I know what I am doing and, I am doing it correctly because of the way my trainer has taught me.

So what does it mean to you to be an alpha chick?

Being an alpha chick to me means being strong, proud, capable, knowledgeable about technique and being a person who loves to train and challenge themselves

What changes have you noticed since you started training?

Since I started training and loving it I have noticed so many changes. Firstly I am able to wear tight dresses and feel comfortable as training has tightened up all those areas that girls want tightened.

Also I am really strong, sleep better, have so much more energy and feel even more energised after going to the gym. I enjoy my time at the gym and it doesn’t feel like a chore and I am always aiming to lift heavier while reaching new goals.

It is the action takers that will move forward and progress to having the body they deserve and want.

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