Getting Off The Diet Merry Go Round: How To Stop The Cycle For Busy Professional Women

Getting Off The Diet Merry Go Round is super important for busy professional women we train and can be the number one thing to work on – Learn how to stop the cycle

The Problem

You spend your whole life being “on a diet”

If you are not on the diet then that is when the real trouble starts.

Weight can stack on, clothes start to feel tighter and general happiness levels can take a real hit.

All you really want is to be toned and shaped – in your tummy, legs and arms.

Being on a diet merry go round where all you do is jump from trend to trend or what seems to finally hold the solution is getting tiresome and frustrating – It’s time for a change and to get off the this particular ride.

The Solution

What if I told you there was a way to change – to get off the diet merry go round for good.

It isn’t going to be super easy it’s just going to require you change – a change to your attitude and perception of nutrition and how you view good nutrition.



Getting Off The Diet Merry Go Round: Key Points

  • Good nutrition is something that covers improved health, improved performance and hitting your body composition (toning and shaping) goals
  • I have to credit Lyle Mcdonald with the thoughts about to follow on what your typical diets journey will look like
    1. “Just eat Less”
    2. Good Food/Bad Food Diets
    3. Eat Certain Foods in Large Amounts
    4. Complicated set of rules for eating while still being told ‘eat all you want’
  • The better approach involves
    1. Flexible Dieting – Being less STRICT in your approach can actually help you achieve your results with less issues
    2. Real Dieting – based on calorie tracking, weighing and measuring food and paying attention to macronutrient intakes.

Amanda was able able to change and we helped her in getting of the diet merry go round

She faced similar problems that many women we work with come upon when they are trying to tone and shape their bodies.

These are some of the changes we made

  • ‘Eating Clean’ all week and blowing out on the weekend setting up a bad cycle of feeling guilty and not getting anywhere > Change #1 Changed the mindset of good/bad foods and focused more on eating consistently day to day and coming up with plans of attack for the weekend
  • Not eating enough protein > Change #2 Used a combination of finding recipes and using a meal planner to make sure that Amanda was prepared ahead of time
  • No longer dieting to lose weight all the time > Change #3 Working together we planned times that Amanda would focus on fat loss, maintaining results and gaining muscle all which require much different calorie and macronutrient goals…times with more food were obviously enjoyed on the way to the gain train.

Amanda Christensen - Before and After


We have worked out how to get you off the diet merry go round – Whats the next step?

Well we have you back

At Fortitude Performance we want to give you the education and direction to get life-changing results.

I think that life-changing results happen when you are full of confidence from being in the best shape of your life.

It is the action takers that will move forward and progress to having the body they deserve and want.

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