Eating Badly On The Weekends: 3 Tips To Break The Cycle

You may eat well from Monday to Friday. What if I told you eating bad on the weekends is the thing sabotaging your fat loss results. Importantly staying in a consistent calorie deficit is a surefire way to have fat loss and tone up.
The image below shows what it means to be “Good All – Crap On The Weekend”
Eating Bad On The Weekends
Firstly from Monday to Thursday you eating is structured because you know the set meals you have from day to day. The meals never really change. This makes it easier to prepare and keep track. Though can leave you feeling a bit restricted.
Importantly Friday to Sunday is when the real roller coaster starts. With Friday work drinks the first stop of the weekend. Only have a wine or two doesn’t seem that bad. It is just the eating afterwards grabbing that sneaky pizza from Crust. A good end to the night.
Saturday is spent hanging with friends for brunch with a big breakfast and small sandwich on the go while you shop. The night is out with the girls and more than enough drinking and dancing to leave you feeling like a quick Macca’s run on the way home.
Sunday is nursing a slight hangover with food that makes you feel better. Some nice Pancakes from the local cafe get your started in the morning. The day is spent nibbling on whatever chocolate or chips are at home with a trip for a burger in the arvo. Jake Chalmers down at Cronulla the perfect Hangover Burger and Chips combo.
The next week starts and as you weigh yourself on Monday the feelings of annoyance, confusion and frustration build up. The scales say you are back to where you started from last week and maybe a bit higher.
There has to be a better way and there is.

Eating Bad On The Weekend – 3 Tips To Break The Cycle

1. Drink Responsibly and Not Often on The Weekends

By giving yourself clear boundaries with your drinking amount and frequency you can better plan ahead. Every time you don’t drink on the weekend think of it as “money in the bank”. This works because it can be used for social occasions where drinking will add to the moment.

2.Create a structure for eating on the weekend that helps you meet your goals

Plan ahead and look at what each weekend will entail. If you will be eating out have a quick look at the menu and see which meals fit in with your goals. Also plan ahead to know when you will be able to make your own meals. Do this because this allows you to meet your nutrition goals while still enjoying yourself

3.Understand what your ‘Free Meals’ actually are worth calorie and nutrition wise.

Clients at Fortitude Performance are familiar with the idea of “Free Meals”. These are meals that may not fit a typical meal type such as chicken breast, brown rice and vegetable with olive oil. They are closer to your favourite burger or pizza and if unchecked can create a problem.
It is more than reasonable to have 1-2 ‘Free Meals’ per week – because they still must come under your calories for the day and contain protein, fats and carbohydrates.
Those 3 tips will help you in being able to break the cycle of good all week and crap on the weekend.

Amanda with our help was able to change up her eating habits

She faced similar problems that many women we work with come upon when they are trying to tone and shape their bodies.

These are some of the changes we made

‘Eating Clean’ all week and blowing out on the weekend setting up a bad cycle of feeling guilty and not getting anywhere. Compared with a change the mindset of good/bad foods and focused more on eating consistently day to day and coming up with plans of attack for the weekend

Not eating enough protein. Compared with using a combination of finding recipes and using a meal planner to make sure that Amanda was prepared ahead of time

No longer dieting to lose weight all the time. Compared with Working together we planned times that Amanda would focus on fat loss, maintaining results and gaining muscle all which require much different calorie and macronutrient goals…times with more food were obviously enjoyed on the way to the gain train.

Amanda Christensen - Before and After


Finally we have worked out how to get you off the diet merry go round – What is the next step?


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