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Motivation To Exercise: Why Can It Be So Hard?

Motivation to exercise – when it’s there you feel you can train the house down. Then it swings the other way and getting to the gym is a giant chore.

Why does this happen and what can we do about it?.

Motivation To Exercise – It Changes

Training at the gym can be a hard thing to stay consistent at. Even harder can be motivation to get to the gym for a long period of time. Talking to clients the reasons for this seem to be eclectic in nature. It can be not knowing what to do or finding ways to keep making progress.

The problem of people sticking to their training in a gym environment, is most noticeable in the winter months. For a significant amount of people who start at a gym. Once the initial honey moon period of exercise wears off their attendance drops. Even for someone who gets into a good routine can face the problem of lack of progression. Which always impacts motivation and then leads to the inevitable decline in attendance.

I look at the cost as a not just a financial one of not using your gym membership but also a psychological one. This person has come in with the best of intentions to use exercise as a way to become a true physical representation of themselves. Living in a physical world using our bodies can be one of the best ways to improve in not just our physical selves it also can help our psychological and spiritual health.

Motivation To Exercise – 5 Ways To Keep It

1.Find a gym environment and community that you can embrace.

When your motivation takes a hit friendly faces at the gym can drive you to keep going. Also training in an environment where people are pushing themselves towards a goal and purpose can be the best motivation.

2.Take the time to work out what you actually want from your training.

Too many people I work with are worried about the destination of their training without looking at whether the process they are going through supports them achieving the destination. Understand what you truly want from your training.

3.Each session should build on the next and progression should be achieved from session to session.

Taking a long view with training is a reality with one of the most effective strategies for this being using a training log book. Writing all your sets, reps and weights in this is not nerds and definitely cool!

4.Working with someone who can look at your technique and let you know what you need to work on to make it better.

Half of the motivation in training is having an exercise or weight that was challenging or impossible in the past and now you can achieve mastery of the skill. This only comes from correct technique and being mindful and aware on what an exercise should actually be doing.

5.Take a long-term view

On a personal level, I just recently started working with a client who given to me as part of a save package – at my gym when a member is about to stop their membership they are given these packages to see if there is a way to stop them from leaving.

This client was going to stop because she managed to injure her neck really badly from all the training she was doing. As a result having a closer look at her goals which was weight loss, we realised she faced the problem of going so hard it was going to lead to burn-out or, in this case, injury.

She had a massive focus on cardio with no resistance training sessions throughout the week. We changed by giving her a training log book and starting her on a structural balance program to balance out all the muscles which were weak and tight and could increase the likelihood of injury. This has had her in the gym with a renewed vigour and making progress forward to her main goal of weight loss with a much better structure and a long term view.

In Closing

So when you face the problem of starting back at the gym and lack the motivation to keep going, look at implementing some of the strategies outlined. Have a look at your training and ask yourself – can you see yourself doing this for a large part of your life? Research supports, and anecdotally we know, that exercise is important to keep up throughout our lives. Look at your training a bit differently and see how it can progress and support both your physical, psychological and spiritual development.

The results we get with clients are from applying that long-term approach step-by-step. Like fantastic results we got with Rob

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