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Learn To Hinge For BJJ: Improve Performance & Reduce Injury

Learn to Hinge to allow yourself to perform better on the mats and reduce your injury risk. Doing this movement correctly will level up your BJJ in no time.

Firstly a big part of BJJ is being able to use your hips correctly. From your first class and learning how to shrimp there is an understanding of the importance of hips. If you are able to use your hips you spare your spine – long-term this can increase your performance and add years to your BJJ journey.

Why The Hinge Can Help Your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

1.Reduce Injury Risk

Commonly BJJ has a high prevalence of lower back pain with one study of 72 athletes in multiple training site in Rio de Janeiro citing lower back pain being present in 80.6% of the athletes (Reis, 2015). An effective Strength & Conditioning program has been shown to increase your bodies ability to handle tension and stress at joints and muscles (Zatsiorsky and Kraemer, 2006) .

Therefore it makes sense if BJJ carries a higher risk of lower back pain we implement a Strength & Conditioning program to mediate some of that risk. More specifically we need to implement the hinge to reduce poor use of the lower back and spine.

2.Increase Performance

Along with having excellent grip strength your ability to produce force through your hips is important to performance in BJJ. Many positions require you to be able to produce and resist force at your hips be it sweeping your opponent or getting your hips in close to finish a double leg.

Another aspect in learning the hinge is its ability to teach you body positioning and posture especially when doing exercise such as Deadlifts and RDL’s. By strengthening all of the muscles in your posterior chain you are better able to keep posture and body positioning when rolling or competing.

Overall learning to hinge will allow you to load your body with more challenging weight and exercises which will force your body to improve and get stronger. Long term it will add years to BJJ career if you are able to improve technique and become a stronger athlete.

Now we have delved into some of the important reasons why you should learn to hinge let’s look at how to implement it into your Strength & Conditioning program.

How To Implement The Hinge Into Your Training

Coming up are exercise progressions for learning to Hinge to improve your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu performance and reduce injury.

1.Wall Hinge

2.Glute Raise


4.Single Leg RDL

5.Conventional Deadlift

6.Sumo Deadlift

In Closing

Learn to hinge to improve your BJJ performance and reduce injury risk. Taking the time to go through the progressions outlined will make the process much easier when implementing this movement into your strength and conditioning program.

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Reis, Felipe. (2015). Chronic low back pain and disability in Brazilian jiu-jitsu athletes. Physical Therapy in Sport. .

Zatsiorsky, V. and Kraemer, W. (2006). Science and practice of strength training. Champaign, Ill.: Human Kinetics.

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