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BJJ Mobility Routine – 12 Min Foundation Routine [FOLLOW ALONG]

This BJJ Mobility routine is focused on using foundation movements and is a great way to warm-up for class, a cool-down routine post class or as a stand-alone mobility session between classes. Some benefits of having an effective mobility routine are

  1. Fundamental movements underpin all techniques you attempt in BJJ – move better, learn better
  2. Being more mobile with your movements can allow you to be first when rolling – if you aren’t first you are last
  3. More mobility can help keep you on the mat longer – less injuries, more training = you get better long-term

You can download a free PDF sheet summarizing the routine if you would like something to remind you as you go along, click the DOWNLOAD button below

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or feel free to watch the full follow along routine on YouTube

The BJJ Mobility Routine

This BJJ mobility routine is focused on two main postures that are common to playing from the BOTTOM POSITION in BJJ

  1. Supine Position
  2. Seated Position

Within each of those postures we have explored the common movements that are needed to be effective from those positions. This is because being able to fluidly move from posture to posture in BJJ is a game changer.

Supine Position

Bridging – Firstly Bridging is a fundamental movement for you when creating movement underneath an opponent. You are looking to use a bridge when we are pinned. This is because displacing our opponents body weight is key when escaping pins.

Shrimping – If the goal of the person on top is to always take away space, our goal on bottom is usually to create space. Therefore we use shrimping to create space and to be able to move our hips.

Reverse Shrimp – In BJJ there are exceptions to every concept or technique. In reverse shrimping we are looking to bring our hips under our opponent. This movement is bringing us closer to our opponent, though we are in a strong position. This movement is commonly used in half guard positions.

Seated Position

Scooting – Creating and managing distance is an important skill. Scooting both forward and back is important because it allows you manage distance. Importantly it allows you to keep yourself in a good position when someone attempts to pass your guard.

Hip Heist / Technical Stand-up – Having a constant threat of being able to come up from the seated position and wrestle into a single-leg takedown is hugely important. If your opponent is being too aggressive coming forward. You can create space and hip heist up to turn the tables


Having a good BJJ mobility routine can create huge benefits for your BJJ game over the long-term. Firstly being able to do the correct movements that underpin all techniques allows you to do techniques easier. Secondly being a that little bit more mobile in a position can allow you to be first in alot of situations when you roll. Lastly and I am learning this from experience keeping your mobility in check can save you time of the mat with injuries.

In closing I hope that your enjoyed the information in this blog and feel free to share it with your friends.