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Body Composition Training - Why?

Body composition training may be a term that you are less familiar with. Another term you may be more used to hearing is fat loss training. At FP we make a clear distinction with a focus on changing people’s body composition rather than just a fat loss focus. Body composition is how much of your body is made up of muscle and how much of your body is made up of fat. This is important as someone who may lose a lot of fat and muscle can end up becoming “skinny fat”. Body composition training takes into account a more holistic view on increasing muscle and reducing body fat.

At FP we know through working with clients for years and the many results that we have been able to get. That body composition training requires two main things.

1.Lifting weights where you are getting stronger over time.

2.Nutrition that considers what you’re currently trying to achieve–losing fat, gaining muscle or maintenance.

Your body composition training can be boiled down to these key areas and it is how we manipulate, plan and progress these areas that gets you long-term results.

LIFT While there are many methods and debate around the best body composition coaching, we believe that it can be made simpler. To be most effective at retaining and importantly increasing muscle over time you need training that is full body and uses movements that can be progressed with weight, difficulty or amount completed over time.

Commonly at FP you will use a combination of dumbbells, barbells, body weight , TRX/Rings and kettle bells to provide weight that incrementally increases to your full body movements.

To increase difficulty we look to progress clients from machine based training through to body weight movements with weight and eventually to using barbells if needed.

Finally we look complete more work in each session where a client just starting off may find 2-3 exercises completed properly as more than enough. As they progress in strength and resiliency what was before there whole session could just be a 15 minute warm-up.


If lifting covers your retention and growth of muscle, then your nutrition is the cornerstone of your fat loss coaching.

From the beginning we must understand that in the calories in and calories out model of weight management the only part we have full control over is calories in. Calories out can be managed by exercise and keeping track of our Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis throughout the day (think tracking your steps). On the side of the calories in equation you simply have 3 main goals.

Eating under maintenance – leads to a combination of weight and fat loss. Eating at maintenance – will look maintain your current levels of weight and fat> Eating above maintenance – depending on the context may contribute to adding muscle though will always contribute to increasing weight and some fat gain.

Know we understand that our eating can contribute to one of three goals most of the time we look at fat loss phases interspersed with maintenance or muscle gain phases.

This is the main thrust of body composition training–we are trying to maximize muscle while constantly trying to lower the amount of fat we carry. If we can do this, we can develop our dream body.


What is the Fortitude Performance Five Pillar System? It’s our original program to ensure our clients achieve the best results possible! It consists of:
  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Habits
  • Accountability
It is a myth that you need to give 100% every session to achieve results. In truth, this is unsustainable and often detrimental to your overall health and well being. In our Semi Private Personal Training program, we work on building you up slowly over time with a focus on proper technique, reducing risk of injury, and teaching you how to train efficiently.
Nutrition – One of the key services we offer our clients, and one that is a key factor in helping them achieve lasting results, is understanding the important role Nutrition plays in your fitness journey. In our program, we will teach you the following fundamentals of nutrition:
1) Understanding what a calorie is and how these breakdowns into macro nutrients of protein, fats and carbohydrates.
2) Learning proper portion control skills around measuring food and understanding the calorie value around your food options.
3) Understanding how to hit your optimal fiber intake.

To have a long term, healthy lifestyle, factors such as sleep, stress management, hydration and daily steps are extremely important. As part of our program, we provide insight and training around how to improve in these areas for better performance, improved body composition, and overall live a healthier life.

Habits are the unconscious things we do throughout our day that either lead us closer or further away from the type of person we are trying to be. We will help you understand and eliminate bad habits that may be stopping you from making the changes you want to make in your life.
With 14 years in the Industry, Ben takes client accountability very personally. Throughout your journey with Fortitude Performance, he acts as your Consultant, in providing the right information to achieve your goals, and as your Personal Trainer, to ensure you are guided and held accountable to the training program that will help you reach whatever your fitness goal may be.
  • More cost effective than personal training

  • Keeps you accountable to your agreed schedule

  • Have an individualised program

  • Enjoy the motivation of group training

  • Save time and injuries working with a professional

  • Avoid the long-term progression difficulties of group training

  • Frequent check-ins help you get the best results

What Our Client Says About Us

  • I was feeling intimidated the first time I went to train, knowing that I was not top notch with my fitness. Ben’s approach was encouraging and I’m seeing progress and now I really look forward to each session.

    Rob Wilson

  • Great trainer, very knowledgable and tailors the program to your needs. Plus also has a great music playlist!

    Adam Deering

  • Highly rated, has individualised my nutrition for a World Masters Comp in BJJ, to compete at a lower weight, without sacrificing strength. And 100% spot on, touching base in how I’m feeling if any adjustments were needed. Meeting GOALS!

    Norita Rodriguez

  • Great gym + trainers. The programs keep you focused to achieve your fitness and nutritional goals �����

    Jacqueline Jenna

  • Is an awesome trainer and gym. Have been here for 3 years and not going anywhere ��

    Lisa Simmons

  • Great atmosphere to train in and a very motivating trainer who helps you reach your goals.

    Nicole Greentree

  • Before working with Ben I never realised there was so much to exercise and form. He is almost a form nazi haha. This attention to detail though pays off as I have never felt stronger and was able to rehab some old injuries as well. Highly recommend

    Chris Greene

  • Great workout! Feeling strong .

    Katie Fisher

  • Great Saturday session . Sets me up for a great weekend.

    Helen Greentree

  • Favourite PT in the shire. I may be biased as he is my babes ❤❤❤

    Michelle Thorne