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At the beginning the most important thing you want is to achieve your results now.

Consequently you will take up the path that seems the best fit to achieve the results you want in the shortest time possible.

In Addition the problem arises when you slick back into those old habits and the results you achieved start to go back backwards and in some cases regress to even worse.

What if I told you there was a way to get those same results in a similar time frame and even better be able to keep them for the long-term?

This is all possible however it requires tapping into the limitations you put on yourself. Also understanding those patterns and behaviors which make you backslide into losing your results.

Importantly if you decide to train crazy amounts, cut out all junk food and eliminate alcohol this is doomed to fail – unless you can see yourself doing it in 3,5 or 10 years….there is a BETTER WAY

That is our T.N.H.A System – this system will teach you the things you need to be able to keep your results not just tomorrow…FOREVER!

T.N.H.A System


Firstly training becomes the cornerstone of our approach at Fortitude Performance because once you know how to train you have that for life. If you train in an environment where the workouts are set, always random or don’t cater to you, unfortunately this is doomed to fail.

Key parts of long-term motivation are mastery and autonomy. Mastery is the concept of being able to constantly become more skilled and knowledgeable about the activity you are doing. Autonomy is being free from external controls or influence.

By learning how to Train, Lift, Read a program, Track your workouts and Progress your training – You are setting yourself up for the long-term results you want.


Nutrition is no less as important as training and gets as much attention at Fortitude Performance. Like training once you discover the mindset and skills that work best for you, then you fat loss and body composition goals will always be in reach.

The two main concepts we instil in new members are: Take a flexible dieting approach and realise to achieve your dieting goals a you need The Big 3.

A flexible dieting approach is characterized by a non-rigid mindset around when you are dieting with minor setbacks forgotten. With our help you will understand that an “all or nothing” approach is doomed to fail – you will discover the type of approach you can maintain long-term.

The big 3 of dieting is tracking your food, learning to weight and measure food and eating to meet macronutrient targets. By understanding these as your fundamentals you can cut through alot of the issues that you haunt unsuccesful dieters.

Understand and learn this concepts and your long-term results are yours.


Habits within our system are the things you do every day to move you closer or further away from your intention and long-term result.

A habit is created in a loop called – The Habit Loop

We work with you in discovery what habits of yours need to change, can improve or are helping you get closer to what you want for the long-term.

With this information consequently we will be able to guide you on creating a Habit Loop that you can implement for those long-term results.


At Fortitude Performance we manage your accountability in a different way than most. First we understand at the end of the day your motivation will have to come from yourself and can’t come from someone just cracking the wip.

This is called Intrinsic Motivation and this is made up of 3 main parts – Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery

We will give you opportunities to understand and apply these motivation drivers to your goals and results – certainly this will then create an environment for you to keep your results for the long-term.

We would love to help you reach your own goals and like some of our other members


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