Meet Your Coach

Ben Thorne (Head Coach)

headshot-8218-2Exercising and competing are the biggest things I enjoy.

Starting as a trainer in 2006 in Fitness First Bondi Junction I knew straight away that PT was my career. I mean how good is the fact I get to help people train, eat better and look better naked.

In 2008 I moved over to London and spent time working at another Fitness First and managed to somehow keep a PT business while going off each summer back packing. In 2011 I was ready to come back to Australia with a +1 my future wife who was from “The Shire”.

I always had a passion to be a better trainer and always knew that a thirst for knowledge while important is useless without direction. I worked at Fitness First Sylvania from 2011 and found my passion waning as I started to complete more and more certifications that were supposed to give me all the knowledge I needed to help people.

Then in 2012 I was lucky enough to stumble into Warrior Performance and meet their head coach Shannon Green. From then my passion came back as I learned how to actually train myself and more importantly my clients. No more making workouts up on the spot or a workout of the day (which most trainers do). I could match my passion to help you out, with the actual skills and knowledge to back it up.

Fast forward to 2016 and I now run FP out of Warrior Performance and am completing my Bachelor of Exercise Science at ACU.

Clients tend to be attracted to me because they’ve had limited success with building strength, weight maintenance and consistency. Some are working with old, chronic injuries or issues and others move from one diet to another, as their weight fluctuates widely.

Almost all clients are seeking greater confidence and freedom that comes through being stronger, maintaining a healthy weight with far less stress and angst, and a greater sense of enjoyment in all aspects of life. My approach is simple – take an initial detailed assessment, develop a customised, intelligent plan to meet each client’s goals, track and assess progress, be ruthless with proper technique and correct form, revise goals, rinse and repeat.