What type of training will I be doing at FP?
Are main focus at FP is on all things strength training. Our only goal is that you become stronger than you were yesterday.
I have never lifted weights before, will strength training be suitable for me?
Strength training is fantastic because it can be modified and scaled to suit your fitness status and own individual strengths and weaknesses.
As a female will I get bulky from lifting?
No. Unless this is your goal all of your training will geared towards achieving the body you want.
Am I fit enough?
We all start somewhere with our fitness levels and it is our job to meet you where you currently are.


Why do I need to eat the amount of food you prescribe?
When we have your initial consultation we have a discussion about your current nutrition status. For you to meet your goals quicker sticking to our prescribed plan is 100% important.
Should I eat before training?
If eating before training leaves you with more energy, we recommend to have food (a protein and carbohydrate combination).
What supplements should I take?
Whey protein is probably one of the only supplements we recommend and for a lot of people this is out of pure convenience.


How do you take payment?
We run a weekly direct debit system with payment taken via your credit card or bank account. As the direct debit is week to week we are able to make alterations or suspensions when the need arises.
How much notice do I need for cancellation?
You are required to give on weeks notice via email when looking to cancel.