Build A Booty With The Glute Bridge

Where do I start to build a booty? Building a booty can be a tough project. I mean where are you supposed to start as you will be told almost 100 different ways. Luckily like most things the best place to start is at the beginning with one of the simplest and best exercises to […]

How To Improve Your Squat

We all want to know how to improve your squat, right? You arrive at the gym and and are ready to try out squatting again. This week is the week that you are finally going to start and commit the time to building that booty or you are sick of people saying you look like […]

How Your Body Builds Muscle

how your body build muscle

When you start at the gym or realise that you want to put on some muscle there has to be about 100 different ways that you are told to do it. You know what? Each way is correct in its own way and probably will help you put on muscle in some way or another. […]

How to Get Your First Chin-up: Part 3-The Program

1.How to get your first chin-up: The Foundation 2.How to get your first chin-up: The Method 3. How to get your first chin-up: The Program We are now at part three of our series on “How to get your first chin-up” and in this part we will cover your first chin-up program. Programming The Basics:┬áPRINCIPLES […]