Training Like Your Mate Is Getting You Injured, No Results and Wasting Your Time

Training like your mate is getting you injured,no results and wasting your time – how you can change this and start performing better and get results.

Mark’s Story – Training Like Your Mates – No Results, Injured and Wasting His Time

The best thing to do is give you some story time from one our members – Mark.

First of all Mark is a tradie in his 30’s who plays rugby and surfs. He started to going to the gym to feel better,look better and perform better.

Everything started off well and he would hit the gym about 3-4 times per week and partner up with one of his mates and they would smash it out for an hour.He found it hard to remember all the exercises though it was made easier because they would follow the same routine each time.

As the months wore on some of the exercises like Squat and Deadlift were a bit iffy, they started to ease of them as his back would hurt too much the next day.

His mate would say his form was fine – he could just tell something was not quite right.

Something that made the gym boring was that Mark was not actually getting stronger or building muscle.

They would try and change up their routine from reading a Men’s Health article – this had varying results. Mark found out that handstand push-ups are not for him after hurting his shoulder.

Finally after 12 months Mark realised there had to be a better way – he didn’t feel much stronger and he had injuries to his back and shoulder.

Furthermore he felt like he had wasted 3-4 afternoons  per week  for 12 months to be no closer to how he wanted to perform, look and feel.

how to squat

Start moving forward again with your training.

How Mark Started Moving Forward Again

Finally Mark realised something had to change so he thought what should be my next step forward. He made the wise decision to see a professional and he went to a Personal Trainer that focused on his goals – fat loss and body composition.

There are different perceptions of what a Personal Trainer should provide to their clients and depending on the client there can be many.

For Mark though it boiled down to 3 main areas

Clear Picture of What He Wanted To Achieve

Firstly you have to be clear on what you want. Once you start to get out of your 20’s training just to get a six-pack becomes less important. Your goals tend to revolve around strength, being pain free and looking decent with your shirt off.

Consequently it’s important to realise as well each person will have their own path to get to their goals. You may have a more stressful work environment than you friend that makes training flat out hard. Also you may have pre-existing injuries which mean it is more important for you to focus on mobility firstly before loading up with squats and deadlifts.

Therefore by taking in these factors you can come up with a much better road map to the destination we all want to get to – Greg Norman level bod.

Greg Norman level bod

Greg Norman level bod

Training That Was Structured For Him

Much as knowing where you want to go is important, the training you do is super important. Training has principles it follows and these are some

  • Progressive Overload
  • Tracked

Progressive Overload – Your trying to make your body adapt to the training that you are doing by getting bigger muscles and getting stronger. Over time the training has to get harder in some way to keep adapting.

Tracked – Each session you do should be recorded and even better that session should be part of a program that you are following. By following a program which is a form of tracking you can ensure you are making your body adapt over time.

Marks sessions we the same each time and were more based on how hard they wanted to push that day. At the beginning this is fine as your body is still adapting , it is when your body adapts to the stimulus and needs more that progressive overload is king.

Therefore Marks progress didn’t need to stop because once he learnt how to work off a program and track his workouts he found significant room to improve and progress.

Nutrition That Focused on Performance, Fat Loss and Body Composition

Especially relevant is your nutrition. It still amazes me that people can be prepared to spend the 3-4 hours per week in the gym and not realise how important their nutrition can be to their goals.

Mark had the problem of not structuring his nutrition for better health, better performance and to meet his body composition goals. His eating could be characterized as being on the Dieting Merry-Go-Round based on the fact from training with his mate he would follow the same nutrition.

Each week they were onto a new ‘better’ way to eat – Keto, Paleo and Dadeo (that last one is not real).

Consequently the diets would work within the framework of what he though was important. How much weight he lost that week and whether he could see his abs in the morning (under perfect lighting).

This approach is doomed to fail because it is not seeing the forrest through the trees.

To develop your physique is part of fundamental skills that are used in a bigger picture. Those skills are

  • Tracking Your Calorie Intake (My Fitness Pal)
  • Weighing and Measuring Food
  • Paying Attention to Macronutrient Intakes

Therefore Mark learnt that using those skills he could tailor his nutrition to his goals. An example was dropping body fat because he wanted the #dadbod gone

Those skills are just some of the things that your Personal Trainer should feel comfortable teaching you. They are the skills and knowledge that you keep for life and become and investment in yourself.

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It is the action takers that will move forward and progress to having the body they deserve and want.

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