Tone And Shape Your Body: 3 Things Stopping You

Tone and Shape Your Body-3 Things Stopping You

To tone and Shape your body can be tough so its important to know what is stopping you

You spend more than enough time training to be able to tone and shape your body. Hitting the gym a few mornings a week and pushing yourself each time.

During the week you “eat clean” and maybe go a bit off the rails during the weekend – nothing too bad though.

Something is getting a bit annoying though – you are not seeing the changes in your body that should be happening.

Your tummy is not really feeling more toned, your legs feel a little bit firmer though not much and your booty gainz seem to be lacking.

Putting all the work in and not getting the reward can be frustrating and really mess with your motivation. To tone and shape your body is a marathon – however it should not feel like a complete crawl.

What if I told you that there are usually 3 things that are stopping you from changing your body and being able to tone and shape. We are going to look at the mistakes you are making and how to do it the right way.

Training to tone and shape your body

If you want the best results and changing your body is you goal then your training should be specific to that goal. A term we use in exercise is “specificity” which is a fancy way of saying if you want to tone and shape your body then you are going to change your body composition – drop fat and build lean muscle.

Mistake – Zumba and F45

While these forms of exercise are super fun and exciting – The main reason they are, is actually one of the reasons they are pushing you away from your goal.

If your goal is to tone and shape in the best way then you want to be as specific as possible and that comes from lifting weights.

The two mentioned exercise types are more cardio-based and the weights used are not going to be able to challenge your body enough to keep progressing towards your goal.

The Right Way – Structured and Progressed

Lifting weights is the best way that we know from evidence-based scientific research to tone and shape your body. Even better we have real world examples from bodybuilding, crossfit and female athletes.

For you a simple change to your training can be starting to work off a program that is designed to work you towards you goal in a structured way.

Being able go from program to program is how you progress your training in the long-term and how you will be training the right way – specific to your goal.

(As a heads up a typical program can last from 4 weeks or longer)

Nutrition to tone and shape your body

This can be really simple mistake or can take a while to unpack depending on the person. Everyone has their own deeply personal and complex experiences that have shaped their views on the best way to eat for their goals.

For you changing your perspective and goals with your nutrition can be the type of mindset shift that can have long-term and life changing results – while helping you change your body.

Mistake – Crash Diets and Always Eating To Lose

A crash diet is any diet that you can no see yourself being able to do for a the long-term. While your diet can change to achieve a certain results and will have to at times be more ‘restrictive’ it still should be something that does not require you to – eat really low calories, removing a food group (carbs) or having shakes all day.

This rolls on perfectly to always eating in a way where losing is the goal. To tone and shape there are two parts of the equation with fat loss definitely a part, with muscle gain the other. Muscle gain is your insurance against gravity and keeps your body toned. If you are always eating to lose your body will never the opportunity to gain muscle.

The Right Way – Eat for Performance and Body Composition Will Follow

The right way for women looking to tone and shape is to view their nutrition under the microscope of performance.

Let the fuel you eat let you have more energy, be able to train harder, be healthier and change your body composition.

Most women we counsel on nutrition can get alot of benefit from simply eating more protein, basing their carbs around their workout and having a simple tracking system for eating on the weekend.

Having A Long-Term Plan To Tone and Shape Your Body

Mistake – No Plan Or Structure From Week To Week, Month To Month, Year To Year

You know the result you want – to change your current weight or body shape.

It is super important to know the destination you want to arrive at and even more important is knowing how you are going to get there.

Looking at your current plan is it based on week to week, do you have a way to track your progress and is their a way to make course re-directions when you get off track.

The Right Way – Have A Plan & Structure And Get Your Goal The Right Way

We want to help you with all the things we have mentioned by giving something that will take your road blocks away.

At Fortitude Performance we want to give you the education and direction to get life-changing results.

I think that life-changing results happen when you are full of confidence from being in the best shape of your life.

It is the action takers that will move forward and progress to having the body they deserve and want.

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