Staying Consistent vs Going All Guns Blazing: Which Is The Best Approach?

Staying consistent with training or going all guns blazing – which one are you?


Weight Lifting - The Big Rock

Weight Lifting – The Big Rock

This approach is also known as the ‘all or nothing’ approach and can be the source of much frustration. It is also the complete opposite to staying consistent.

This approach has it downsides and upsides and when you are going for the all or nothing approach a few different things usually happen


Training must occur every day and has to high intensity in nature – because sweat is your fat crying right. These HIT sessions leave you exhausted for the rest of the day and really is playing havoc on your joints. However, you really do love the atmosphere, the music and the community even if the exercises don’t make sense, the coaches don’t really coach you and you are not sure that all this sweating will help you get toned arms, legs and tummy.

The only way to track your progress in this environment is to go harder and harder each session and I guess that means push yourself till you feel like you are going to vomit each time.


To be honest you are not too sure where to start so you start scrolling through INSTA and you find that skinny blonde girl who always seems to be talking about her meal plans. You pop your money through and out comes your meal plan ready to go.

Going through the first few weeks you wonder why you ever had carbs , EVER, as the EBOOK that came with the meal plan explained that carbs make you fat and are the devil – Who would of thought that broccoli  was a carb?

Cutting out all those pesky carbs has actually made a fantastic difference and clothes are feeling looser or already – 30th here you come.

Something annoying is happening though those pesky carbs that you used to have are starting to make you crave for them… BIG TIME

Also your energy levels seem to be really dropping and your HIT sessions are becoming a real struggle to get through luckily caffeine is becoming your new best friend.


You must not go out ever – this new approach means that any social distraction let alone food engagement will ruin your progress. 4 month (16 weeks) is not that long to hibernate right?

Also make sure you don’t worry about being tired and grumpy all the time as it will be worth it for your goal

The Result

While there is something kind of awesome about putting yourself completely towards your goals our friend of the story Jackie was always doomed to fail with this approach because it is too extreme.

This approach can leave you feeling exhausted, exasperated and unsure of what to do when you results stall towards your goal.

There is actually one other major reason this all or nothing approach has its downsides over staying consistent.

A book called The Power of Habit dives into the fact that our whole life is a series of programmed routines and habits that kick in consciously and sub-consciously to deliver us our current position in the world. Due to your brain controller this process it can’t really distinguish between good habits and bad habits and has a bad time breaking any habits for the long-term.

A good rule of thumb is to focus on what habit at a time and nail that first. Even more important is to make sure you are putting energy towards the things that are going to be repeatable for the long-term.

Knowing it makes sense why changing everything at once makes things super hard.


Consistency leads to results

Consistency leads to results

While this is a boring option from the outset lets have a look at some of the positive things. That can come from having a more disciplined and less frantic approach


So you know that weight lifting is important to your goals yet you love doing the high intensity stuff as it is just so much fun. Well good news you can do both you just need to come up with a better plan.

People can make fantastic progress weight training 2-3 times per week for up to 45-60 minutes at a time. Weight training should be thought of as your big rock and once it is ticked off for the week there is plenty of time to fit in 1-2 HIT sessions per week.


Some education on the principles for nutrition can save you alot of hangriness (hunger + angriness) when you decide to diet to achieve a result

One of the best things since slice bread is the Muscle & Strength Nutrition Pyramid by Eric Helms



Once you understand the principles of dieting for a result. The correct methods to use become more apparent and staying consistent becomes easier.


Understanding that bigger changes can come from the smaller habits we nail can take much of the pressure of changing.

If the training and nutrition approaches impact your lifestyle too much. You are not going to stick to them – your big ol brain will just switch to your old habits.

Having the right information and mindset to attack each habit with strategies and methods. Is a surefire way to stick to your consistent and steady approach.

In closing

I hope that staying consistent is a mindset that you would love to embrace.

How you view the changes you are going to make to achieve your goal. Will setup you up from the beginning for success or failure.

“All or Nothing” has some mileage at the beginning. Yet is nearly impossible to maintain for the long-term stretches needed to get results for the long-term.

Consistency will always rule. It becomes the base off which better habits and decision. Can incrementally implemented be into your life step by step.

If this sound like you we would love to have a chat. We can help you start to implement these steps into your life.

It is the action takers that will move forward and progress to having the body they deserve and want.

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