5 Things That Are Stopping You Lose Your Gut

Lose your gut and keep it off…why is it so hard and what are some of the reasons. 

Wanting to lose your gut because you are looking forward to a holiday coming up with the boys or even heading to the beach over summer with the kids is very common.

Or currently are you the guy who has to keep his t-shirt on because you are too embarrassed about your extra padding around the mid-section?

Usually one of two things will happen and they involve either hitting a quick diet fix like the ‘Man Shake’ for 4 weeks or signing up for some 28 day challenge where everyone is barely 18 and the workouts leave you feeling sick or even worse injured after each session.

This quick fixes mentioned are not getting to the root of the problem – how does it feel when you put in all the work and you gut slowly but surely comes back. Pretty shit I’m thinking, well let’s change the pattern and look at 5 things that are stopping you lose your gut.

lose your gut

Training Without A Long-term View

The people I do Personal Training with are usually in two categories.

When they start training there is no real end goal in mind apart from the idea of the result they want to achieve. For this article that result is losing your gut and keeping it off for the foreseable future. This approach is characterised by super high motivation at the beginning with workouts the main focus and not much attention paid to where their body is actually at and what it needs rather than what you want.

The second approach is focused on the process that makes training apart of your life. It is accepted that the person may need to take a few steps back from when they were playing sport in the peak of their fitness, compared to now when they have not trained properly for years. Motivation is more measured as their is an understanding that no one wins by being the most enthusiastic at the beginning – you win by being consistent the longest.

Have a long-term view of how training can become a part of your life for the long-term – where does it fit in even around a busy job, family and kids.

Putting the ‘Cart Before The Horse’ with Nutrition

Losing your gut with nutrition becomes about educating yourself along the way and developing good habits to go with it.

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention calories, macros or supplements first and there is a reason for that. A lot of people I train will tend to put the ‘cart before the horse’ and focus on the details that don’t really matter towards long-term success.

At the moment do you find yourself worrying about which supplements to buy and you don’t even know how to food prep, weight your food into portions or how to track avoid bingeing on crap food on the weekends. These are all skills that must be in place first as they create the long-term habits and behaviours which will allow you to keep the changes that will stop you from building getting that gut back.

Good or Bad Habits Your Brain Can’t Decide

Currently you have habits and routines in your life. These can be good or bad for and unfortunately you don’t really get to choose.

Good habits are the ones that you start when you are looking to get into training and dropping your gut – Getting up early for training, cutting back on the beers and reducing the junk food.

Motivation is high at the times when we start a habit, however for the long-term a concept called “Motivation Hangover” can creep in. We hit the grind of performing the habits that we know are good and find ourselves hitting resistance.

Once people hit resistance we tend to let our bad habits sneak back in – eating that extra cake, smashing those extra beers or sleeping in and missing training.

These rewards are short-term and fleeting. However, to take the option of the bad habit does not really require going past resistance.

Keeping Accountable To Where You Want To Go

When you achieve a goal and lose your gut there is a moment of happiness and accomplishment. You just achieved the look you wanted and can feel confident.

As life gets in the way though how do we stay accountable to what we makes us feel the best? This becomes the issue I see with Personal Training clients. Stay on the path that makes you successful and achieved your goals is what accountability is all about.

Men come to FP all have their own complex and deeply personal reasons. For not being happy with their current weight or shape.

Connecting with your WHY becomes the most important thing – This is the reason you will get up early in morning, miss having a beer or take a healthy food option.

People who miss this step have real trouble keeping accountable to the result that gave them so much happiness and accomplishment.

Support Along The Way

Losing your gut is something you have achieved before (maybe). Now though you are definitely at the stage where it is a must.

Having support can be the key reason that is holding you back from getting the result you are looking for.

At Fortitude Performance all we want to do is give you the education and direction to get life-changing results. I do think that life-changing results happen when you are full of confidence. Feel like you are in the best shape of your life.

It is the action takers that will move forward and progress to having the body they deserve and want.

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