Looking Better Naked: The 3 Most Important Tips

Looking better naked can be important to someone for many reasons. From vanity to giving people increased confidence – we explore 3 ways to make it happen.

Why Looking Better Naked Is Important To You

As I mentioned looking better naked can seem like something that is driven by vanity and in some ways you are right. Though if we look at things on a deeper level it can be seen as an indication of someone who values their body and wants to make sure they take the best care of it.

Therefore your body composition (how much fat and muscle you carry) is something that you have control over by how you train, eat and live your life. Unless you started life in the unfortunate situation where you were already obese then the choices you make are having a direct reflect on your body composition.

Looking better naked is a relative term as the only person who gets to decide if you are looking better naked is yourself. The only person you should compare yourself to is the person in the mirror as that is all that matters.

Reasons for wanting to look better naked are

  • Being a good role model for those around you (kids, partner and friends) by being someone who values how they look and takes care of their body
  • Building self-confidence by achieving success in one thing where there is a direct correlation between the hard work you put in and the results you get

For an individual what you need to achieve your goals can be completely different to someone else. The following tips are ones which we find apply to a big section of the people we work with.

3 Tips For Looking Better Naked

1.Be Specific In Your Training

Firstly training can be one of your best tools for looking better naked – if it is done right.

Too often I see people who are training towards a goal and not being specific enough. Your primary focus to look better naked should be improving your body composition (less fat, more muscle). At the beginning focus on building muscle for at least a few months. Once you have started to make some relative gains then you can focus on strength. Then the cycle will repeat with a focus on building muscle for a few months then back to strength.

2.Eat With Your Goal In Mind

Eating is equal to or maybe more important than training when it comes to looking better naked.

Your eating should fuel your performance so you can train harder and keep improving. When this first aspect is taking care of you will be surprised how much your body composition improves. Eating should involve plenty of veges and protein, carbs around your workout and multiple fat sources. Along with this you can reduce your consumption of not often foods (fast food, lollies and alcohol).

3.Your Habits – Do They Bring You Forward Or Backwards

While intentions are important it is what you do day to day that gives you your results in the end – especially with wanting to look better naked.

Habits are the little things that make up your day  from hour to hour. The can bring you closer to your result (looking better naked) or further away. A recent example comes to mind from a conversation I had with a gym member the other day. Franz (not his real name) really wanted to look better naked and was having trouble and after some questioning we worked the reason out. To look better naked he needed to drink less alcohol and his habits meant he was drinking more. This all started on Friday arvo’s where his habit was to go with mates to the pub and start drinking which lead to a knock on effect through the weekend. This one habit was pushing him backwards from his goal even if he was training and eating well and can easily happen in other ways to.

In Closing

Looking better naked can be a key way that you are taking care of your body and is an investment in yourself. At the end of the day the only person who gets to judge if you are looking better naked is yourself. Improve your body composition for yourself and no one else and you will be full of confidence from how you look and knowing that you can do what you set your mind to.

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It is the action takers that will move forward and progress to having the body they deserve and want.

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