How To Lose The Beer Gut in 3 Simple Steps

how to lose the beer gut
See how to lose the beer gut in 3 simple steps where we will cover the best training, nutrition and habit tips that will have you with a flat stomach in no time. As you get get older keeping in the shape you were in your early 20’s gets harder. Protein shakes and trips to the gym have been replaced with Pure Blonde’s and trips to the Northies…Along with this is something that is starting to slowly grow on you – a beer gut and this is a problem.

Problems With A Beer Gut

  1. Firstly having a beer gut can really be getting in the way of actually feeling good about your body. You may still feel comfortable taking your shirt off at the beach – wouldn’t it feel better if you felt confident with it off too.
  2. Another thing that sucks is a bit of banter between mates is super important however instead of copping it about your ever grow gut why not be the fit mate
  3. Lastly your growing beer gut can be the beginnings of some future issues around your health. We know that abdominal fat can be the start of some nasty issues down the track such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
So these are all the reasons why your beer gut sucks –  Now Let us get stuck into our 3 tips that will show you how to lose the beer gut.

How to lose the beer gut in 3 simple steps

1. Start weight training in a strucutured and progressed way

When I sit guys down for a consult about getting them in shape always ask how much cardio they should do to burn fat. The better question to ask is how many times per week should I weight train so I become a fat burning machine.
See weight training has this wonderful knock on effect of burining more calories post training, keeping your metabolism up while you are losing fat and long-term allows you to increase your muscle mass.
If you do your weight training in a progressed way you will continue to get stronger and pack more muscle on which creates a really good environment to stay lean all year round.
Do your weight training in a structured and progressed way and fat will melt off and seeya later beer gut.

2.Learn to track your food and make adjustments based on your weight

You have a beer gut to lose and we know that you have to lose weight to do it. All clients at Fortitude Performance we recommend to weigh themselves 2-3 times per week in the morning after they have gone to the bathroom. Take the average of these weigh-ins and you have weekly average weight.
Your weekly average weight is what guides your decisions on how much you need to eat to achieve your goals. If your average is not going down over a 2-3 week period then we have some really good information that your food intake will need to be reduced.
To go through the complete system that we use for our clients to track their food is out of the scope of this article. We can go through the key features that will help you out to get started as soon as possible.
1. 3-5 meals per day
2. Eat Lean protein at each meal
3. Eat a moderate amount of fat at each meal
4. Eat plenty of fiber from vegetables, fruits, and unrefined carbohydrates like beans
5. Eat moderate amounts of refined carbohydrates such as breads, pasta, rice and grains at each meal
Once you are able to do this watch what your average weight does and make adjustments. If your weight is not reducing start to drop either carbohydrates or fat from one of your meals each day.

3.Drinking doesn’t have to be eliminated – just be smarter

This approach may seem a bit controversial to some – at Fortitude Performance we don’t recommend people go completely dry.
Alcohol is a reality of socializing and can easily be part of your life if you start to give yourself some guidelines and strategies.
Firstly an easy strategy to implement is to understand you don’t need to drink at every social occasion and opportunity that comes up. Think every time you pass up an opportunity to drink as “money in the bank” . This can be used fro those special occasions when drinking can add to the experience and social aspect.
Secondly start to really understand what your triggers for drinking are. If drinking has just become a habit and way to de-stress look at other ways to achieve the same result – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Reading or Netflix and Chill
There you go 3 tips so you know how to lose your beer gut – like one of our awesome clients James.


Our personal training client James came to us with the exact same problems that we described.

  1. Wasn’t eating enough food in general and definitely not enough protein > Change #1 Explained the important of protein and set a plan to be able to eat for performance
  2. No plan or structure to his weight training and battling constant back pain > Change #2 Actually assessed his body and planned a structured program that addressed these issues and allowed him to train towards his goal to drop fat and build muscle
  3. Had trouble hitting all his weight sessions and staying motivated to push himself > Change #3 Understood what type of programming he needed to do to stay engaged, discovered what his intention was with training. Used this to create structure and habits to days he would weight train to make sure he hit sessions and was able to stay motivated and create a habit.

FP helped James drop fat and build muscle

FP helped James drop fat and build muscle

We know that there are a few things from stopping you get the results you want

Where to next?

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It is the action takers that will move forward and progress to having the body they deserve and want.

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