From Zero Energy To Superhero Energy

Having consistent energy ,without the wild dips, throughout the day is something that you struggle with big time. Having the energy to do the extra stuff you want like train hard, socialise with mates and be more present in life is what you need.

Your Typical Day

The Morning

You wake up and check your Iphone and it is 5am – time to get up for work.

Everything is sore and you have to muster all your energy not just to hit snooze and go back to sleep. Work has been hard and stressful this week and you can’t wait to hit the booze with the boys on the weekend – you basically live for the weekend now.

As you get into your Ute with your piece of toast and coffee you can’t believe that it is taking so long to have a bit of energy – hopefully this coffee kicks in soon.

Smoko comes and you realised you forgot you food again so its off to the canteen for some Burger Rings and a Mars Bar to hopefully tied you over till Lunch.

Lunch Time

Lunch is finally here and its either Macca’s or Meat Pie and chips. You remember when your idea of a nutritious lunch was some steak, veges and rice now you are stuck with Big Mac’s and Fries most days. You are sure this is part of why you have theses massive swings of energy from high to low throughout the day.

The dreaded afternoon slump is heading your way so its either grab a coffee or a Monster or fall asleep on your feet – you choose the caffeine.

Work is finally over and your body feels wrecked and now you gotta drag your ass to the gym.

Gym Time

Time for some pre-workout to make it through this session – legs the hardest.

As you try and rev up by listening to some Eminem its hard to train with any intensity with no energy – that is definitely why your results are suffering and you are not getting to the level you want to.

You get home and collapse on the couch – living day to and feeling like all you do is work, work and more work is getting old real quick. For a start you want to have the type of energy you used to when you were younger back playing sport.

4 Energy Solution Tips

We know now how your average day feels energy wise lets come up with 4 sure-fire ways to improve your energy today.

Feeling energised is not just focusing on one area and doing it really well at the detriment of others. It is much better to cover several areas and do them well which will have a add on effect to your general energy.

Lets have a look and we will have you feeling like a SUPERHERO in no time.

  1. Eating enough through the day

    • Stop eating like a 45kg women trying to lose weight – you are physical active all through day and need calories to maintain your energy.
    • Start simple and make sure each meal has – protein, carbs and fats
    • Make sure you hit Breakfast (can be a shake on the go), Lunch (Meat,Veges and Rice) and Dinner (Meat, Veges and Rice) with about 2 snacks (Protein Bar,Piece of fruit) for smoko
  2. Sleep

    • I enjoy caffeine like the next man unfortunately having past a certain point in the day (around 3pm for some) will impact your sleep – therefore¬† no caffeine past lunch
    • 7-8 hours sleep is best – come up with a routine for heading to bed and get to sleep and similar times each night
    • Try apps such as “Meditation For Sleep” by Headspace if you are having trouble sleeping
  3. Training hard enough to improve

    • Hitting the gym through the week can be a good source of de-stressing and energising
    • You just have to be smart with your training and aware of the total fatigue you are under for the week
    • Don’t always train to failure if your nutrition and sleep is shit
    • Change up your training so sometimes you focus on strength and other times building muscle
  4. Lifestyle on weekends

    • Living for the weekend and going hard EVERY weekend is always going to mess with your energy through the week
    • At some stage you have to either look at your lifestyle and ask whether feeling like shit all the time is worth partying Friday,Saturday Sunday.

It is the action takers that will move forward and progress to having the body they deserve and want.


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