Changing Your Body: Getting Rid Of The Dad Bod For Life

Changing Your Body - Getting Rid Of The Dad Bod For Life

Changing your body and getting rid of the dad bod for life can be hard and require a lot of effort.

Wanting To Get Rid Of The Dad Bod

The line between how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you is definitely a gray area. From the outside it’s probably only yourself who knows when you are out of shape and unhappy. I know that when I feel out of shape it is a combination of feeling less confident, self-concious about my appearance and frustration at getting out of shape.
The times I have let myself go I would not change – one time was heading to Vegas for my wonderful Bucks party (where I met Christy Mack)
Another was most recently and was a real tipping point for me and how I perceieved myself. In January of this year I had a wonderful trip to Bali where I ate and drank myself silly and ended up being the heaviest I had been.
This became a tipping point because I looked in the mirror and realised that firstly I didn’t like what I saw and I wasn’t being an authentic role model to my clients. When I hit 30 I made a pact with myself that I would be in the best shape of my life from then on….and It was not working out well as I was getting in worse shape as I was getting older.
The next part was being a role model – we are all a role model to someone clients, kids , work collegues, friends and family. Your actions always speak louder than words. If people though your actions can see that you are not even taking your own health and body composition seriously there is a real disconnect.
The tipping point came for me and some realizations and actions were a real help to getting me on track to where I am now in the best shape of my life.

How I Turned It Around & Got In The Best Shape of My Life

I can honestly say that by making the changes below I was able to make a path for myself that is simple to achieve the results I want. While it is simple it’s not easy and requires effort and consistency. It is also the exact philosophy that I use with my own clients to get the results they want.

I Made It Important

One of the first questions I ask people when they start training is “How important out of 10 is the result to you”. This question while simple gives a really good insight into how likely you are to achieve the result you want. If you use language like “it would be nice” or “I would like to try” this is very different to “I will” and “I have to” achieve the result you are looking for.
My biggest change came from realising that the result I wanted actually was a 10/10 importance to me. With that being the case my behaviours and habits had to start reflecting how important it was. Each decision I made to do with training, nutrition and habits had to either move me closer to my result or further away. By holding up my decisions to the simple YES/NO question “is this moving me closer or further away to my result” it made the process clearer.

The Plan Was Simple

By understanding that the result I wanted was 10/10 important to me I could be much clearer in creating the plan to achieve it. When you are looking to create a result it is understanding that you are going to have to make sacrificies now to have the result later.
I am lucky enough that being able to get training in to achieve my result was not the problem – for me it was my nutrition. Nutrition is the most powerful tool to create the body you want and can also be one of the hardest parts to change.
To change my body the main things I changed with my nutrition were
1. Created a plan with a clear start and finish date (12 Weeks)
2. Tracking 7/7 days (even on the weekends!)
3. Sat down and took the time to create a meal plan for each day
4. Realised that at the beginning I would not be able to have “*Free Meals” till I was well into the diet (About 6 Weeks in)
*Free Meals = Meals while still accounted and tracked fall out of normal every day meals e.g burgers, pizza
Those 4 changes made the world of difference in allowing me to stay on track day to day because they are simple steps to follow. They are simple to follow yet require effort to stick to and that is why when you are wavering you can refer back to how important your goal is to you.

I Set Limits

Creating limits for myself was a powerful thing to do for my mindest to achieve my result. Limits are related to behaviours that may impact your ability to stay on the plan. Enough (90%) of the time to achieve what you want to.
Limits that I put on myself were
1. I would do some form of nutrition tracking every day for the 12 weeks – even if it was making sure I hit protein and calories.
2. Limit the amount of times I would drink over the 12 weeks – ended up being 4 times with limits of 4 drinks each time.
3. Plan ahead meals and occasions that would impossible to track food wise – if I would go on a date with my wife make sure the rest of the day is tracked 100%
4. Understood some foods would be too tempting to have in the house – I communicated with my wife and we made sure they weren’t around for a large portion of the plan
Whenever I would start to have the dip in motivation I would go back over these 3 areas to boost me up and remind me of why I was setting my self on this path.

At The End Of The Day It Worked

getting rid of the dad bod

After trying and not achieving what I wanted results wise several times. I was successful in this initial part of the journey. I say journey because I feel I have found a process that works for me at this moment. Though this may change in the future.

As an individual we all need to find the process that works best for us. We all come with different values, beliefs and histories and the role of your Personal Trainer is work through them. By working through them you can create your own process. For yourself because that will help you change your body and no longer be the “Dad Bod” mate.
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